Humble Beginnings…

I’m not going to waste my breath stating, “it all started as a dream, with an emphasis on changing people’s lives or making families healthier”. Too many companies lie or speak half-truths behind mantras regurgitated by their publicists and PR marketing firm contractors to sell their garbage blends.

Supplement Alchemy started out of necessity. A rebel in the space. Providing U.S. grown organic herbal supplements and custom blends that aren’t at bargain basement prices. EBay is great for selling you powdered grass and filler from imported countries by way of Ali-baba. S.A. thinks you’re better than that.

Too many predatory supplement services out there not focusing on the quality of goods and shoving their 2-buck-chuck down people’s throats, with free trials, buy 10 get 1 free, B.S.

Runic Divder

Supplement Alchemy’s Goal for Premium Supplements

We keep it simple:

  • We aim to provide access to the largest most effective catalogue of exclusive brand supplements carefully crafted, aesthetically pleasing, meticulously designed, and factory direct to YOU.
  • We strive to measure each serving precisely so the individual taking it will get the optimum nutritional benefits.
  • All of our brands are exclusive and painstakingly crafted. No one carries them, nor should they.